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Proactive, friendly, frustration-free IT services for organizations headquarted  in Lexington, KY

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Jimmy's Computer Service, Inc. is a leading provider of information technology (IT) services and consulting for Lexington-based small and midsize businesses, founded in 2010 by Jimmy Beasley.

We have been providing IT support for over 10 years, solving technology challenges for hundreds of businesses like yours. We are your technology consultant, installation specialist, and service desk all in one.

Whether you need help deciding on new technology investments or support with your current tech, we can help you run your business more efficiently by improving your technology.​

​We give you peace of mind in knowing your tech is secure, supported, and fully utilized so that you can spend your time working to grow your business.

  To be a leading global information technology solutions hub that consults and partners other organizations to do great work, which enhances the quality of life for both employees and customers. 

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