Jimmy Beasley is a man who knows the value of tenacity.  Learning to overcome health challenges at an early age, taught him to never give up on finding a solution.  His interest in the Information Technology industry began with an interest in technology and computers, where he developed a passion for delivering vision and impact that grows business.  He gained both an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.

Jimmy is the Owner and IT Consultant of Jimmy’s Computer Services, LLC in Lexington, Kentucky, where passion about creating IT solutions for businesses and individuals is the daily bread.  JCS helps people succeed by solving their technology problems. JCS teaches the importance of having well maintained computers, including proactive data backup systems in place before a critical problem exists.  Jimmy Beasley at JCS is a reliable resource to call when in need.

Technology is a passion at JCS.  With 9+years of IT experience and customer care, Jimmy has the expertise and IT strategies that solve your problems in areas such as data management for protection, system cleanup and spyware management for efficiency.  Your technology is meant to make things easier.

Jimmy loves transforming a customer’s problem into an opportunity for improvement.  He actively listens to his clients so that resolutions may be discovered.  Collaboration can uncover a hidden need or a revelation that a small business has outgrown their infrastructure. Additionally, Jimmy is passionate about motivating and encouraging others to follow and nourish their own dreams.  Following your passion makes a difference.  His personal perseverance in life and as an entrepreneur, helps improve his efficiency as an IT professional. Jimmy also enjoys collaborating with new and returning clients, as well as networking with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, IT consultants and computer repair technicians, through knowledge sharing and assisting IT solutions come to life.

With technology’s unpredictability and fasted-pace changes, JCS offers qualified, professional and accessible IT support for crisis management or ongoing maintenance, maintaining your optimal performance.  When your IT infrastructure is running at its highest capacity, it reduces potential downtime, allowing you to maintain your focus on your business.  That Jimmy’s mission.  He loves what he does and wants to help you do the same. Jimmy is focused on building a legacy, both through his business and by inspiring others to live beyond their challenges.  Let’s connect today and find a solution for your computer and IT needs.