Real-world advice and action-learning  from someone's who been there.

My Personalized Mentoring  services will:

  • Provide you with IT Tools,support and proven best practices to reduce your downtime and boost productivity

  • Help you focus your energy so you can accomplish your goals more quickly

  • Help you develop the confidence, credibility, and competence you need to position yourself for the career you desire

I.T. Consulting

Specialized expertise to help you overcome your biggest IT challenges with ease.

My I.T. Consulting services will:

  • Provide with you the expertise to mitigate the burden of your IT projects​

  • Provide cost-effective IT efficiency strategies to guide the company to become more efficient.

  • Help you understand a client's business needs.

I.T. Project Management

Fully equipped to plan, organize, delineating responsibility for the completion of any organization's specific I.T. goals

My I.T. Project Management services will:

  • Help you complete project at competitive prices, avoid typical project mistakes and recommend cost saving methods 

  • Help all you and the IT team remain coordinated and working towards the project goals. 

  • Help you free up your time to focus on your core business while the PM focuses on the project.

Real People. Real Results.


Tyler B.

Jimmy provided outstanding service, he not only showed up early and waited patiently for me to finish assisting customers. His IT consulting skills helped my NutriMax  Smoothie business run more efficiently. Would highly recommend.

Joseph K.

Jimmy is very professional, reliable & thorough. He fixed my PC quicker than I thought and helped me understand how to avoid future problems with IT Support.

Chase F.

“Jimmy’s an A Grade IT  Consultant. He resolved all my IT problems and worked tirelessly until I received the peace of mind I deserved. “