What other business owners are saying about me

Tyler B, Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Jimmy provided outstanding service, he not only showed up early and waited patiently for me to finish assisting customers. His IT consulting skills helped my NutriMax  Smoothie business run more efficiently. Would highly recommend.

Joseph K., Automotive Expert

Jimmy is very professional, reliable & thorough. He fixed my PC quicker than I thought and helped me understand how to avoid future problems with IT Support.

Chase F., Storybrand Certified Guide & copywriter

“Jimmy’s an A Grade IT  Consultant. He resolved all my IT problems and worked tirelessly until I received the peace of mind I deserved. “

Terrence S.,Psychotherapist

Organizing and managing my own patient's files is obviously overwhelming for me, especially for someone like me who is passionate about what I do and I love doing it. But in truth, I was having significant problems, and needed some professional help. I would search for months and months to find someone so reliable, caring and professional. I was at  my wits end, then one day I came across Jimmy's Tech Consulting Services. My experience working with him was very professional and positive. AMAZING! The best thing working with Jimmy, is the significant increased level of daily productivity and revenue. I highly recommend Jimmy's professional IT services to anyone, you will be pleased that you have chosen Jimmy's services, I know I was, THANK YOU! Will come back again.

Julia Aquino

Founder at She Defined, Inc.

I worked with Jimmy related to his How to Fascinate Assessment and his brand. His passion for what he does and his desire to help his clients is what drives him. It's great to see a business owner really living their passion.

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