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6 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Computer

Updated: Jul 8

According to research conducted by Pew Research Center Survey, 80% Americans has at least one laptop or desktop computer. As compared to 2010, today the price of desktop computer and laptop is much cheaper. A computer can be purchased as low as $400 where a quality Smartphone can cost $700 easily. So, purchasing a computer is much cheaper than other electronic devices.

6 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Computer

Computers are becoming cheaper, but it does not mean that you stop caring about it because a new device always cost more as compare to the maintenance cost. By doing a bit of maintenance, you can easily use the same computer for years without facing any problem. Following I am sharing easy ways to maintain your computer tips which are equally suitable for a non-expert computer user as well.

1.Clean the Basic Things

Let's start with the very basic and easy stuff. Keep the opening, mouse, and keyboard clean at least on weekly basis. Your keyword or mouse stop working if you do not clean it and remove the dust. The cost of a new keyboard is roughly $20 which will not ruin you but this could be spent on any better thing. To clean computer opening, mouse and keyword all you need a lint-free cloth, damp and water. Do not spray water directly on the accessories but with the help of the lint-free cloth. You can also use compressed air canister to clean the harder to reach part of your mouse and keyword.

2. Clean your Monitor Periodically

The monitor may look solid enough but dust and dirt can damage it as easily as it can damage the mouse and keyboard. Use the LCD screen cleaner to remove rougher stains at least once in a month and clean the screen with the help of microfiber cloth twice in a week. This will cost you almost nothing as the price of a leaner can is no more than $10.

3.Keep the Computer Vents Open

It may sound funny but electronic devices like laptop and desktop computer need to breathe like a human (technically). To make it easy for your device, ensure that you have not blocked the vents because the open vents keep the inside cool which helps the computer to function properly. The desktop users needed to ensure that there is good airflow on both sides of the CPU.

4. Keep Your Devices Away From Magnets

The magnets can easily damage the hard drive of your computer including the weak refrigerator kings of magnets. This happens because the hard drive is incredibly sensitive toward magnet field including the low strength magnets.

5. Shutdown Your Device Properly Every Night

Make the routine of shutting down your computer devices properly every night especially if you own a Microsoft operating system in it because MS only patched the system when it has been shut down properly. This could prolong your computer life for months. Do not use the emergency shutdown option by holding down the power button but shut it down properly.

6. Keep the Firewall Running

The Firewall keeps your computer free from malware attacks. That's why it is important that Firewall is always running. This is especially important for those users who install the new programs and downloaded the program files from any other source than the developer.

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