• Jimmy Beasley

Rats Wrangler Cable Management Contest

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I'm starting a new computer business...I'm good at what I do but not so good at marketing what I do. A few friends encouraged me to do this cable management contest idea as a way to introduce myself and my services to the community and it sounded like a a good idea to me.

Of course, if you do have computer issues I am glad to help with those too.

To enter the contest please go to my FB biz page and leave a picture of your cable rat's nest under this post www.facebook.com/jimmyrobertbeasley

On X date, I'll pick (1,2,3) winners and assuming you live within X miles of (your neighborhood) I'll come and organize your cables, absolutely free and without obligation.

Facebook says I can't require you to like my business page but likes are appreciated as I get the business going. Shares of the contest are appreciated too.

As an extra bonus for trying out my services to see if they fit your needs.