Network design & new technology implementation can be a huge IT task for small businesses. It involves planning, methodologies, and toolsets needed to modernize and consolidate your IT infrastructure—and performing this task without disrupting your everyday operations.

If you are a startup, the door is wide open for bringing in the latest technology to run your business, but for seasoned companies it can be a daunting task.

When you look to skilled technologists in the field to plan and implement the latest software and hardware for your IT infrastructure, the integration process can be simplified.

What's Involved in New Technology Implementation?
Integrating new technology into an existing IT infrastructure requires some careful planning, a thorough evaluation of the existing platforms and toolsets, and a strategy. There are generally five phases in a successful new technology implementation:
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Design Plan and Strategy
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Training
  • Evaluation and Ongoing-Support
A failed implementation plan can cost the company in so many ways: time and resources, equipment, staffing, and computer components, to name a few.

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